hole in the middle of my heart like a polo

Why didn’t he go for me?

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I was hoping the judges would like me. If they hadn’t it would’ve been a major setback in my plan for world domination.”

 I hated school, I hated school. And I didn’t realize why. I thought I was…I was, I thought there was something wrong with me for hating school, for not being able to deal  with school. At the time it was ingrained in me that school was: if you’re not successful in school you’re not going to be successful in life. And the hierarchy with the subjects at school, like the arts are given no credence. And if they are, it’s false credence. So, I look back on it and and I’m angry. I’m angry about it because, you know, there might be a brilliant ballerina somewhere in school who’s being forced to do maths, and she sees it difficult. But if she’s just allowed to express whatever gifts she has to offer then she would be happy and then she could make hundreds of thousands of other people joyous for a couple of hours per night.


“You need men in these buildings. There are people inside that are going to be running right into the line of fire. You take them to the basement, or to the subway. You keep them off the streets. I need a perimeter as far back as thirty-ninth.”

for an ugly person my standards are unrealistically high

So I can see how badly this will hurt me when you say goodbye.